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Lutron Skylark SCL-153P-WH Dimmer Switch Single or 3-Pole LED/ CFL/ Incandescent For Sale

$20 | SCL-153P-WH

USD 20.00
Lutron Skylark SCL-153P-WH Dimmer Switch Single or 3-Pole LED/ CFL/ Incandescent White

Price: $19 /ea
In stock: Anaheim, California
Call: 714-586-7000
Free delivery available


If you have been searching for a slide dimmer solution that allows you to both achieve your desired level of lighting and give you the ability to quickly and easily turn your lights off and on, you’ve found what you’re looking for with the Lutron SCL-153P-WH Dimmer Switch, Skylark Light Dimmer, 600W Incandescent/150W CFL or LED, Multi-Location - White. This product is at the top of its class, providing you with the functionality, style, and ease of use you need for your home’s lighting controls.

The secret to the convenience of the Lutron SCL-153P-WH Dimmer Switch is its on and off rocker switch, which is separate from the slider itself. The fact that this unit is a three-way dimmer means that you can pair it with another switch or dimmer in order to operate a single light source in your home from more than one location. The attractive design of the Lutron SCL-153P-WH Dimmer Switch is consistent with the Skylark family, which offers a sleek appearance that integrates well with any decorator-style wall plate (which is sold separately).

  • Features advanced dimming circuitry designed for compatibility with most high-efficacy light bulbs
  • Works with dimmable CFLs, dimmable LEDs, halogen and incandescent bulbs
  • Maximum dimmable CFL/LED capacity of 150-watts or 600-watts for incandescent/halogen bulbs
  • One dimmer allows you to dim a broad range of light sources—mix and match light source types on one circuit
  • Low-end adjustment to accommodate a wide range of bulbs
  • No neutral required for retrofit applications
  • Tapswitch returns load to previous level

  • Color: White
  • Switch Type: Single Pole or 3-Way
  • Style: Skylark Slide Dimmer with Separate On/Off Rocker
  • Type: Electro-Mechanical
  • Preset: Yes
  • Load Type: Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, or LED
  • Load Rating: 600W
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Action: Standard ON/OFF with Slide Dimming
  • Protection: Radio/TV Filter
  • Wallplate: Sold Separately
  • Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
  • Warranty: Limited 1-year warranty through the manufacturer

Download: Spec Sheet

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